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The Corporate

Consciousness Program

By Futureworks



Through the incorporation of neuro science, emotional intelligence and the biological model of adaptability, we bring forth leadership, management execution and organizational transformation in a way that will propel any business to whole new levels of achievements and success. 

Being defined by a new future


The world of organizations should not be about living from the outside in, reacting to circumstances, stress, events, incidents, challenges, crises, markets and opinions in their day-to-day corporate life. It should be about creating a new possible future that exhilarates the management team and let the whole organization set sails for a whole new horizon.

It should be about creating a future to live in to, which is all about expanding, growing, developing & creating lives and businesses in line with a desired new future.

This will come natural to any organization in the moment they believe & commit to a new future beyond todays perceived “reality”. The new understanding of neuro science absolutely gives any organization the tools and methods to do this. They can de nitely become the creators of their future. It`s their choice!


A New Culture Creates A New Future

Most of today’s organizations are defned as a culture by their own traditions, habits, limiting beliefs and attitudes formed by their own experiences within their environment.


These companies are for the most part reacting in the same habitual ways, having the same opinions and attitudes causing, and quite 
often blaming, the environment and market conditions for their own difficulties or lack of results.

Companies are by this culture living in a form of emergency mode, focusing on control and threats, trying to protect themselves from the things that can go wrong. Constantly trying to cope with everything that need their attention.

This tends to create a stressful working environment where people feel that they never really get on top of things.
Where people live in stressful working environments there are no room for growth, and hence very poor conditions to thrive.

So being defined by a vision of the future instead of a memory, or an addicted emotional response from a memory of the past, is exactly what allows successful organizations and companies to reach for their goals, dreams and aspirations. Whatever their conditions are.


Create Culture


Most of today’s organizations are defined as a culture by their own traditions, habits, limiting beliefs and attitudes formed by their own experiences within their environment.


For every new thought we think, every new choice we make, every new behavior we demonstrate, every new experience we have and every new feeling we embrace, there are neuro chemical changes that take place in our brain and body as a result of different interactions in our environment.

Our consciousness leaves an actual footprint in our brain called a synaptic connection that will physically change us, and henceforth the way we perceive the world causing us to act accordingly.

We will always react according to how the world shows up for us, and it is through our perception we de neuour personal reality, which is all about our thoughts, actions and emotions.

For the organization, this is directly correlated to results, and only through a change in the way “the world” shows up for us and consequently a change in our thoughts, emotions and specifications, will the organization be able to create new results and a new future.

The ability to consciously create change in the personal and organizational performance, in line with the desired future, is one of the absolutely most precious and valuable outcomes for any organization.

The new understanding of neuro science, organizational biology and methods to
create change in personal and organizational performance, together with the Corporate Consciousness Program, will give the organization every tool, method, structure, skill and proven system they need to transform the organization and results to anything they want – consciously.

We know that one of the most difficult tasks for any organization is to produce change while the organization is still functioning, so our promise is to provide and implement the tools, methods and proven systems in a day to day business so that they don’t loose any momentum, and can continue to create and excel on their level of performance towards their goals and dreams from day one.

The Content

A common understanding and application of the Neuro Science principles, tools and methods as a foundation for creating a new culture for extraordinary results.
Strategy and tools for mastering thoughts, emotions and behaviors to match the needed state of being to create new results.
Weekly achievement meetings for directing focus, achieving goals, speci c action for deviation, coaching, best practice and alignment towards the new designed future.
Creating an insight and understanding that when people are not reaching their goals on some level, they have gone unconscious. Incorporating the conscious awareness and tools for showing them how to stay conscious is a key part in the foundation for continuous results.
Clear and de ned goals that everyone in the organization is inspired by, and committed to.
Individual achievement and assessment plans for personal development and continuous growth.
Monthly and quarterly meeting structure with reports and KPI`s with direct feedback to ensure breakthrough goals.
A cloud based Results Management Platform for direct access to a new empowered way of working incl. structure, templates, tools, principles, explanations and a leadership/management way of thinking and acting!

Create Change

Don't take our word for it.


“We realized that the skills we were learning would not only help us in business but also in our personal lives.”


“By far the most inspiring and result oriented program I have ever attended.”


“A breakthrough for getting “out of the box”. Powerful and inspiring with loads of AHA moments & experiences.”


“This program is the  rst I have taken that has focused on human behavior, and I now know that I have to take full responsibility of all my actions and situations. We had basically given up and were more and more blaming everything but the one area we could control, ourselves.”


“Our organization is now more energized and focused than I have ever experienced, and I have been in the business for 20 years!”

What you will get.


  • li_image.png
    A leadership & management team
    ensuring breakthrough goals, continuous growth, development and transformation in the organization
  • li_image.png
    Proven workable tools and principles
    from the neuroscience of change and human behavior that have been researched and used for the last years
  • li_image.png
    The ability to consciously create your future
    from the blueprint in your mind
  • li_image.png
    A responsible and thriving organization
    living and executing from the inside out, not governed by events, circumstances an incidents
  • li_image.png
    A web based business performance portal
    with an outlined structure for incorporating yearly, quarterly and weekly goals and kpi`s for follow up and direct feed back on deviations for new actions
  • li_image.png
    Achievement and assessment plans
    for individual growth and development
  • li_image.png
    A professional visualization platform
    for screen appearance on any platform for company achievements, results, competitions, tasks and much more in order to drive and boost any activity
  • li_image.png
    A systemized way of changing individuals
    one by one in order to change, develop and create a culture for continuous growth and performance
  • li_image.png
    An organization of involved, enrolled, engaged and responsible players
  • li_image.png
    A model for excellence in leadership and management execution
    that has everything to do with clear goals, purpose, integrity, clarity, accountability and competence
  • li_image.png
    A higher level of internal communication
    across the whole organization because people are consciously making the choice of no longer living in the habitual states of mind and body
  • li_image.png
    A company wiki for organizational efficiency,
    best practice templates, tools, methods, skill sets, structure, procedures, ideas, coaching principles, inspirational stories and different valuable management archives
  • li_image.png
    A structured and common way of working
    that ensures results far beyond today’s achievements

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