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Are you a business owner or consultant that wants to help organizations grow?

If so, your coaching practice is about to change dramatically.

Our unique and proven


Results Management Platform

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Stop changing time for money.



Be able to step out of the old paradigm of changing time for money! Instead, triple your income through a 6 months program where your clients pay you for the value you provide.



Build an ever-growing recurring income stream from the FutureWorks Result Management software platform. You will have an income every month, building your security for the future!



Step into any organization with the confidence that you will be able to make a profound difference in their ability to create results.

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Become a certified Future Coach

Through our training and certification process in neuroscience of business, leadership, change, management execution and organizational transformation you will be able to propel your clients business to a whole new level of achievement and success. As well as your own!


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Get Results

Where Coaching meets the Program and Platform for Success.

Our unique combination of Coaching, Program and Platform will allow you as a coach to step into any organization with the confidence that you will be able to make a profound difference in their ability to create results.


You will be able to coach leaders, facilitate change processes, increase performance and drive individual accountability for new results throughout the organization. And the best part - you will be supported by the program and the platform every step of the way!

The Futureworks Advantage

As a Future Coach you will



Become certified as a Futureworks Result Coach.

Lectured in the understanding of neuroscience of leadership and behaviour change.

Trained to facilitate and run the unique Corporate Consciousness Program.

Skilled in facilitating the Futureworks Results Management Platform.

Coaching + Program + Platform =



1. Futureworks Result Coaching

Coaching is all about opening new possibilities.


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It’s all about getting the organization to respond from a new vision of the future instead of reacting to the same strong held beliefs and predictable behaviors of the past. The coaching we provide enables self-awareness and evaluation that opens up for change in old attitudes, behaviors and habits to ensure that thoughts, emotions and actions are all aligned with the goals and visions for the new future.


2. The Corporate Consciousness Program 

A transformational step-by-step program that re-creates the way organizations work.


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The Corporate Consciousness Program is a 6-month transformational step-by-step program that re-creates the way organizations perceive possibilities, deal with challenges, structure their work and drive results in a day-to-day situation. The new mindset and way of working accelerates results through a conscious awareness and focus on the things that matter the most. It’s about prioritizing the 20% that provides for 80% of the result. Most organizations do the opposite, leaving out a 400% possible result improvement. We change that!


3. Result Management Platform

The only proven platform that dirves responsibility and results.


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To ensure and guarantee the results we embed the program into an easy-to-use cloud based Result Management Platform that empowers and drive leadership, business performance, execution, accountability, focus and results in a day-to-day manner. The platform becomes the vortex for company vision, purpose, goals, performance, metrics & kpi's, feedback, critical tasks and most valuable actions. This secures the 400% possible result improvement. And it works!


Get Certified

Your opportunity - limited spaces.

If you act now, you can become part of this.


Become trained and certified in the Futureworks Result model. The training extends over a 4-5 day basic training and a 2 day certification workshop. There will normally be a 3-6 month period in between these workshops for the coach students to get the needed experience in sales, coaching and facilitation of the program to be certified.


The first client delivery process will be in tandem with one of our already certified coaches so that we ensure the right quality and result for the customer, which later will be a valid testimonial for you as a coach moving forward.


You will, after your first client, be eligible to use our master sales funnel set-up for generating leads and clients in your area, and you will get sales training in the FutureCoach certification program.


You will be part of a community with extended workshops for further development and growth within the industry and be part of a yearly convention for elevating your game and growing your skills further together with other FutureCoaches.


As a FutureCoach you will generate a high coaching fee for your services and grow a 30% - 50% recurring monthly revenue income fee from the FutureWorks licenses. Generated from all your clients – every month. Even getting paid when you are not working!

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